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How to get the most out of your gadgets: an idiots guide

These days I am an easy going person. I like my days stress free, and my gadgets enjoyed to the fullest. It has not always been like this however. See, I used to be caught up in a vicious cycle of "technology immaturity" (I just made that one up) that robbed me of the ability to enjoy the gadgets that I rightfully owned. This is what I have learned on my troubled journey with technology, which is really a journey into the mind of a recovering tech addict.

Avoid "fanboyism" like the plague. 
Let's face it fanboyism is really, really stupid, with potentially fatal side-effects. Unless your livelihood depends on taking a stance for a company, it really makes no sense wasting countless hours in internet forums starting flame wars, getting burned and retaliating with name-calling against folks you will probably never meet or lay eyes upon.

In this age where the cult of technology has become a from a religion, we worship the technological pioneers (gods) and segregat…

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