Facts Don't Matter Anymore When it Comes to Stories about RIM

True story, just read an article about lack of developer interest in the playbook platform due to an observation that "BlackBerry OS jobs listed on Freelancer.com, including those aimed at the PlayBook, fell 6% in the second quarter, sequentially" according to the company (freelancer.com). The problem with that extrapolation is that the Playbook does have a dedicated core of developers who are churning apps at an impressive rate everyday (I own a playbook and I have observed this myself), and job listings on one website is nothing but only an indicator of that particular website's performance at any given time. Certainly the Playbook app development ecosystem is not as vibrant as that of IOS or Android for that matter, however things are bound to change with the anticipated release of the native SDK from RIM, Android app player and native email, all expected soon. One thing is for sure, the playbook is a beautiful beast of burden, and I love mine. Oh yes, I own an Ipad too, so no fanboyism here, I just happen to prefer the playbook for most day to day usage. Perhaps the biggest issue here is the grandstanding from a lot of these tech firms, hoping for a free ride off RIM's current predicament in order to sell their wares. The worst part is when "journalists" actually take the bite.



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